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The current model of psychopharmacology is broken. Clinical studies show that psychiatrists are failing to reach some 50% of the people who need them the most. Mainstream psychiatry hasn’t offered innovation in the treatment of depression -the leading cause of disability worldwide - since the advent of SSRI antidepressants in the late eighties. Meanwhile, the rates of opiate addiction, mental illness, and suicide are still on the rise, with no let-up in sight. Our mission is to pave a safer, more efficient way forward for the field of psychiatry and all the people whose lives are impacted by mental illness and addiction.

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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Training

Having the proper ketamine assisted psychotherapy training program for clinicians that is both coordinated and comprehensive for the use of ketamine assisted psychotherapy is especially important for those suffering from treatment resistent depression. By working with people, clients have access to deeper levels of expertise on how best to run, build and continue to thrive providing ketamine-based infusion therapy in a private practice setting.

The depth of healing that is accessible within ketamine psychotherapy treatment is contingent on the cultivation of emotional safety and consistent environmental holding. When administered in a carefully created therapeutic setting, ketamine has the potential to open access to layers of emotional experiences that are associated with heart attachment wounding and premature, preverbal, perinatal and intergenerational forms of trauma.

The ketamine training programs that Reconscious Medical is in collaboration with meets or exceeds the American Psychiatric Association consensus recommendation for ketamine therapy along with the American Society of Anesthesiology guidelines for monitoring and airway (breathing) management requirements.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Training Clinics for Mood Disorders

Many practitioners are becoming aware and therefore really excited about intensive ketamine assisted psychotherapy training courses which provide education in all of the practical aspects of ketamine therapy (including the scientific principles and protocols). Usually ketamine assisted psychotherapy training is conducted "on site" in a real ketamine infusion center so that you have an opportunity to become familiar with the environment where infusions are performed.
These ketamine assisted psychotherapy training courses help you demonstrate a full competency in: monitoring equipment, intravenous delivery systems, and the safe administration, storage and handling of ketamine. Ketamine training courses specifically teach individuals to both effectively and safely administer the ketamine infusion protocol developed at Yale in 1994-2000 which is now adopted by the National Institute of Mental Health as well as other significant institutions across the globe.

Here is some information regarding the best Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Training Clinics:

The Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Clinicians program is complete in that its teaching content is not restricted to theory or academic interest but grounded in almost twenty years of active clinical ketamine infusion practice. All big elements of ketamine therapy that have practical clinical value will be reflected in their program.

Their teaching system stresses contemporary medicine and Bio Science, yet addresses the whole translational medicine and transpersonal facets of ketamine therapy as produced from clinical and basic science research.

The Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Clinicians: This clinic is dedicated to ensuring that every student completing their course is fully ready to put their newfound training into practice. Reconscious Medical is convinced that this particular ketamine training center offers the gold standard in ketamine-based infusion therapy training.

Ketamine Research Institute Consulting Program: In addition to physician and practitioner training programs, the Ketamine Research Institute Consulting Program provides newly certified practitioners a step-by-step guide to help them develop the experience and expertise necessary to get their ketamine infusion practice off the ground. They have helped psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, as well as other medical specialists get their private practice set up for efficiently helping hundreds of new ketamine treatment patients.

Ketamine Research Institute Consulting and Mentoring Team: This particular consulting team is composed of experienced ketamine professionals that are thought leaders in ketamine based therapy. Their staff and also practice partners will direct you through the process of becoming a certified ketamine infusion doctor and establishing your ketamine infusion center.

In addition, they have been called upon for their expertise in the areas of staff and physician training, equipment and supplies acquisition, operations, and ongoing patient consultation and management by most physicians around the world. Their graduate students are provided with a certificate of training completion and are invited to participate in an ongoing discussion board and chat class.

The Fluence Postgraduate Certificate Program: This ketamine assisted psychotherapy training course is designed to help practitioners apply the basics of psychedelic-assisted therapy with ketamine assisted psychotherapy. Clinicians attending this program will discover how to conceptualize and speak with patients about the role of ketamine in their treatment.

Their course will help you with future patients in deciding if ketamine for depression is right for them. You will also learn how to help patients remain both psychologically and emotionally stable for every ketamine session experiences. You will learn how to address the underlying influences that ketamine surfaces, and how to integrate those experience into a meaningful shift.

The Fluence Certificate Program is designed to certify clinicians so that they can properly provide ketamine assisted psychotherapy in their private clinic. The certificate is not just a permit or authorization to practice therapy in itself; but also a course of research covering key elements and experiences, providing vulnerability to mentors and leaders in the field, and introducing individuals to a peer class for ongoing professional aid and development.

The certificate program includes introductory material towards the elements of ketamine assisted psychotherapy, also a strategic overview of relevant clinical research and theoretical literature, experiential training with contemplative practices, and weekly small-group sessions for in-depth exploration of the event material.

The model of ketamine assisted psychotherapy training offered at Sage is a trauma-informed, relational approach that supports practitioners in creating best conditions for transformative psycho-spiritual experiences, assisting your client in restoring use of some greater sense of independence and meaning in their lifetimes.

The Sage Institute: This establishment is also called “Sage Integrative Health”. They offer a ketamine assisted psychotherapy training program for authorized licensed providers. Join the Sage team as they explore the intersection of medicine, culturally-sensitive depth psychotherapy; along with trauma-informed care. Their students are invited to experience along with a clinic providing the relevant skills of ketamine assisted psychotherapy training in a secure, supportive setting. Their course is designed for certified clinicians who know best through first hand experience and wish to enhance their inner work while learning an integrative approach to ketamine assisted psychotherapy training.

Polaris Insight Center: The Polaris Insight Center shares a profound interest in, and a wide range of experience working with; the psychotherapeutic potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness and are committed for the integration of alternative and traditional methods psychotherapy. They will help you will learn the principles and processes of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Training in a five-module training.

Their founding members are all MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Research) trained clinicians that have participated in Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD. The faculty at the Polaris Insight Center has trained at the Ketamine Training Center and the KRIYA Institute.

Their program is taught through an experienced and proficient faculty of ketamine and MDMA protocols through various video sessions. Their format is interactive between trainers and students. Their training program is only available to physicians, psychologists, therapists, nurses, along with other healthcare professionals.

The Ketamine Training Center: The core of their work is to provide ketamine assisted psychotherapy training to the world in order to further develop the techniques and overall healing that Ketamine can provide. Beginning in 2018, The Ketamine Training Center (KTC) started its their 4-day programs introducing practitioners to the didactics of ketamine assisted psychotherapy training along with the experience of ketamine in both formats (sublingual lozenges and intramuscular injections).

With increased programs planned for the year in several locations across the US (and Canada), KTC will have trained over 260 physicians, therapists, nurses, naturopathic doctors, along with other disciplines bringing together individuals to function as teams and clinics.

The KRIYA Institute: The KRIYA Institute is devoted to understanding the therapeutic properties of ketamine (and related medicines). They provide clinical services directly to patients and give presentations about therapeutic ketamine in a variety of settings. They offer consultation services to physicians and therapists and run KRIYA Conference, which is the first conference in the world devoted to the use of ketamine. They also have some experience with ketamine derivatives and other NMDA antagonists.

Their mission is to bring together the most rigorous science and an appreciation of spirit in the study of psycho-spiritual medicines such as ketamine. They have experience in using ketamine to help patients with severe unipolar depression (major depression), bipolar depression, suicidal ideation, OCD, pain with depression, and a number of other difficulties. They also have an interest in the use of ketamine as an adjunct to psychotherapy for personal exploration.
The KRIYA Institute has been following the research protocol with low dose ketamine and has therefore become really efficient in providing ketamine assisted psychotherapy. KRIYA has also worked with high dose ketamine to induce dissociative and mystical experiences. They have experience with most of the routes of ketamine administration such as: IV (infusion), IM (injection), nasal, oral, transbuccal, sublingual, and transdermal.

The KRIYA Institute believes there is no perfect way to use ketamine! Rather, they think that different patients are best served through different treatment strategies.

Here is what you can expect to learn during your ketamine assisted psychotherapy training:

Experiential Learning
Role Play Opportunities
Break Out Discussion Groups
Direct Experiences with Ketamine using Sublingual Ketamine Lozenges
Group Format Exercises
Private Interviews/Check-ups
Question & Answer
Training Curriculum
Understand the gap between psychotherapy and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
Recognize and attend to Set and Setting variables
Work clinically with Non-ordinary states of consciousness
Work clinically with Holotropic states of consciousness
Work within a Therapeutic Setting (Therapist, Physician, Patient)
Know the usage of Distinct Routes of Administration and Dosing Strategies
Work with Somatic and Therapeutic Signature
Implement principles and techniques of Transpersonal Psychology
Know the unique Transference/Countertransference challenges of Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
Learn Countertransference better
Improve Individualized Treatment based on case analysis presentations
Understand the integrative and disintegrative shifted state experiences expressed during transference
Working with attachment
How to implement Ketamine Assisted Therapy Telemedicine
How to integrate spiritual experiences
How to screen for best candidacy (in-person and virtual)
How to work with substance abuse (co-morbid disorders)
Understand the many different interventions compatible with ketamine assisted psychotherapy

What to expect with the Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Training application process:

Keep in mind that the majority of certificate programs available are strictly for licensed physicians/clinicians. People eligible to apply include all licensed mental health professionals. Spiritual advisers who have a master's level education and accredited health care professionals, including acupuncturists, Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Physicians that have at least one year of counseling training are also welcome to participate.

Is Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Training Right For Me?

Ketamine is a Schedule 3 medicine which requires medical administration and supervision (which means that team building is crucial for ketamine assisted psychotherapy). It is crucial that we establish ourselves within the ketamine assisted psychotherapy industry throughout the world. Ketamine assisted psychotherapy offers the possibility of the profound and heartfelt practice to its practitioners with truly amazing results and experiences.

The gratification of being a ketamine assisted psychotherapy practitioner becomes obvious to people once undergoing their ketamine assisted psychotherapy training. Compelling evidence has been published throughout the country from leading universities including Johns Hopkins on the use of psychedelic medicines like psilocybin, MDMA, and ketamine to treat mental health conditions that do not respond to traditional pharmaceuticals.

Ketamine is your earliest legal medicine that is obtainable in the US. Ketamine is being hailed as the absolute most significant development in psychiatry since the arrival of SSRIs and has long been shown consistently in recent research to rapidly reverse suicidality. Ketamine is an effective treatment for various mental health conditions including: treatment resistent depression, major depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, along with bipolar disorder. The efficiency of ketamine is significantly improved when combined with psychotherapy.

For additional information on all of the Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Training Programs available to you; please contact Reconscious Medical today!


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