Traditional talk therapy and medications not working?

In the Reconscious model of KEP, you will meet virtually with a licensed therapist along with a low dose of ketamine at the beginning of your therapy session. This will enhance your therapeutic experience through supporting you in more deeply and efficiently exploring your mind, body, and emotions.


Shorter Term, More Effective

Two months of KEP can be more effective than 10 years of traditional talk therapy. Psychotherapy enhanced by ketamine has the potential to jumpstart the healing process, especially in patients with treatment-resistant disorders.

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Ketamine-Enhanced Psychotherapy allows you to heal faster and more cost effectively.

“Ketamine is straight fire for depression; it gives you the pieces to figure it out.”
- Dr. Mark Braunstein, DO


When ketamine is combined with psychotherapy, your brain is reactivated. It allows for the development of positive thinking and healthy behavioral changes. You will have the chance for healing that you’ve been searching for.


Low Dose Psychedelics
Psychotherapy = Unmatched Success


Safer Dosing for At-Home Use

The medication is compounded at a specialized pharmacy and sent directly to you to self-administer before your session with your therapist. Low to moderate doses greatly reduce the risks of any adverse reactions or dependence.

How It Works

Maximize the benefits of your psychotherapy by enhancing your sessions with low-dose ketamine via telemedicine.
We will work with you to develop a personalized program that promotes the most amount of healing in the least amount of time.

Is It Right For Me?

Find out if you're a candidate. Speak with a member of the Reconscious Care Team to help determine your initial suitability for Ketamine-Enhanced Psychotherapy (KEP).

Talk To The Doc

Initial Medical Evaluation. During a psychiatric medical evaluation with one of the Reconscious providers, you will be assessed for appropriateness of this medication and treatment.

Set Your Intentions

Preparation. Engage in preparation work to get the most out of your sessions. Build rapport with your therapist, become educated about the medicine, and craft your individualized treatment plan.

Get Started with KEP

Ketamine-Enhanced Psychotherapy. Meet with your Reconscious therapist virtually for your medicine sessions. We typically recommend six ketamine-enhanced sessions over the course of 2-6 weeks to achieve the maximum benefit.

Make Sense Of It All

Psychedelic Integration. Non-medicine psychotherapy sessions will help you bring together the insights and growth from your KEP sessions into your daily life.

Are you ready to heal?

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